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Let’s get to the bottom of the problem so we can grow your business and make it profitable. Schedule a Discovery Session.


Add me to your team on a temporary basis to improve, turn around, or manage a quick paced ramp up. Inquire about service.


Bring me to your organization to train your team members or motivate your audience. Information about booking.


I provide Strategic Business Growth consulting services to business owners with high growth potential. I assist clients in creating processes and strategies to effectively run, grow and position their business for success. I work with clients to get to the root of the problem, then fix it. I also help business owners leverage their knowledge, skills and brands to get paid more by giving away less for free, allowing them to be more profitable. I help you NOT be a broke brand.

Areas of specialty include Operations, Revenue Generation, Service/Product Optimization, Staffing Management and Customer Experience. Get customized strategies and help with implementation to take your business to the next level.

Services include private consulting, team consulting, group training, Implementation Services, Strategy Sessions, CEO Advisory, Interim COO, Interim Recruiting Director,  and Entrepreneur in Residence.

The Business Owners Club is an exclusive, invitation-only networking group, education and growth club. Small groups of no more than 10 members are created in various cities to allow maximum networking and mastermind efforts. It’s also a opportunity for group leaders to earn revenue. Exclusive licenses are available.

The Growth Clinics are a series of intensive clinics for the DIY type business owners that prepare you to scale and grow your business at a responsible, strategic pace…and it pushes you out of your comfort zone! They are designed to give you a group experience that stretches you, challenges you, and encourages success. This is your chance to have your business objectives, financial goals, business drivers, key performance indicators, critical success factors, and long-term goals the center of attention. In short, we get down to the business of growing your business.

Learn more about customized services designed with your needs in mind, and your results realized.

If you can say:

  • My revenue has stalled

  • I don’t have the right pricing formula

  • I need to rework my business model

  • I need to hire

  • I don’t have the right team

  • I can’t monetize 

  • People pick my brain, but don’t pay

  • Processes are ineffective

  • I don’t attract the right clients

Yes, I Need Your Help




me (2)Clients come to us when they are ready to scale their company for growth, they are experiencing difficulty moving the company forward, they need to grow revenue and boost sales, or train, build or expand a winning internal team. Clients realize the problems blocking their growth and are already to work towards removing them. They aren’t thinking about it, they’re ready to take action now. And they’ve budgeted the investment to make it happen.

We primarily work with service companies already in business past the startup phase (3-5 years into operations). Industries include Accounting, Consulting, Design, Professional Services, Engineering, Technology, Recruiting, Training, Insurance, Publishing, Media, Construction, PR, Legal, Healthcare, Financial, Venture Capital, Hospitality, Travel, Entertainment, Sports, Fitness, Associations, and Tax. We also work with select product/manufacturing companies in Cosmetics, Retail and Beauty who are ready to build a business around a product or invention on a case by case basis.

I’m choosy about my clients and I won’t take just anyone’s money. Someone who is looking for a quick, cheap fix should not contact me. I only invest my time & expertise with people who fully invest in their business to get a high return on investment…and that includes the time to see the project through to get the desired results.


Revenue Growth Strategies to Implement Next Week

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Protect Your Business, Brand & Reputation

Check Out Business Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Views from the Top on BlogTalkRadio

When Crisis Hits, Can Your Company Still Run?

Check Out Business Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Views from the Top on BlogTalkRadio


Stop giving it away and get paid!

If you’ve read the Forbes article No, You Can’t Pick My Brain, you are in for a real treat. I am excited to announce the Pick My Brain Tour is here! Let me show you how to keep people from picking your brain so you can get paid more, give away less free and be more profitable.



In an effort to save us all time, we suggest you have a few things in order to maximize your session and better determine if you’re in the right place to solve your problem. Before calling, be sure to have the following:

  • A brief overview of your company (what you do/offer, who you serve, how you service them, & how you generate revenue)
  • What’s ailing your company (the reason you’re calling)
  • What you’ve done so far to fix the problem (what has worked & what hasn’t)
  • What you hope the outcome will be from working with us

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